Trade-Industrial Free Zones in Iran

Incentives and advantages for investment in Trade-Industrial Free Zones in Iran
1-Tax exemption for 20 years from the date of operation for all economic activities for Iranian manufacturer and Business.
2-Foreign investment and nearly a hundred percent of the amount invested in these Free Zones in Iran
3- Freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits
4- Protection and guarantees for foreign investments to do business in Iran's Free zones.
5- Abolition of entry visas and easily issue of residence permits for foreigners.
6- Facilitated regulation on labor relations, employment and social security.
7- Transfer of part manufactured goods to the mainland without paying customs duties.
8- Elimination of pay customs duties on imports from outside to the region and vice versa.
9- Employing trained and skilled manpower in all different skill levels and professions.
10- Utilization of raw materials, oil and gas as feedstock and fuel for all industrial activities.

The list of the Trade-Industrial Free Zones of Iran (The Islamic Republic of Iran) are as follows:
1-Qeshm Trade-Industrial Free Zone 
2-Chabahar Trade-Industrial Free Zone
3-Aras Trade-Industrial Free Zone
4-Anzali Trade-Industrial Free Zone
5-Arvand Trade-Industrial Free Zone
6-Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone
7-Maku Trade-Industrial Free Zone

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