Iran Peanut

As you know, Iran is one of the biggest nuts Producers in all around the world that can supply more than 50% of it.
Iranian peanut
Iranian Peanut is one of the nuts that we have mentioned in above and its take 15% of Iranian nuts for Export that is take about 20.000 Tons/year from 2015 until now.
Where we can buy Iranian Peanuts?
You can find Iranian Peanuts in some of the cities in Iran, one of the Famous Cities in Iran that has big amount of Peanuts production is PARSABAD MOGHAN where has one of the best peanut producers in Iran even in Middle East.
Export Iranian peanuts
Foreign executives come for Iranian peanuts and export Iranian peanuts because of the nutrition’s that Iranian peanuts have. That is Why Iranian Peanuts is so famous for Export.

import peanut from iran

iranian peanut

IRAN Peanut Exporter