Four-season climate of IRAN has provided proper conditions for growing a wide variety of fruits.

IRANIAN Fruits are known in the world market by their natural taste.

Apple, watermelon, cherries, kiwi, grapes, apricot and pomegranate are some of the major IRANIAN exported fruits.

IRANIAN fruits are not only exported to neighbors but also to EUROPEAN countries like GERMANY and ITALY.

More than 1 million tons of fresh fruits worth 770 million dollars were exported by IRAN in 2012.


about 10% of global watermelon market is possessed by IRAN. In 2012, IRAN has exported 285.000 tons of watermelons worth over $70 millions. Iraq UAE. Turkey. Russia Armenia, and AZARBAIJAN are some of major destination for IRAN watermelon .


The annual amount of apple production in IRAN is above 4% of the world apple production. IRAN has exported 320.000 tons of apple worth about 250 million $ in 2012. IRAQ, TURKMENISTAN, UAE, AFGHANISTAN, and BAHRAIN are some of the main destination for IRAN’s exported apples.


Due its vast area, diverse weather and prolific soil, IRAN is a very desirable location for culturing different kinds of plants and has a long tradition of floriculture. IRAN is the 17th country in producing cut flowers and ornamental plants. More than 2 billion stems of cut flower, about 140 million ornamental trees and shrubs and near 40 million potted flowers are annually produced in IRAN.

In 2012 about 12.000 tones of flowers and plants worth $ 47 million were exported by IRAN.

IRAQ , AZARBAIJAN, TURKMENISTAN, UAE, KOWAIT, CHINA, JAPAN, VIETNAM, TAIWAN, ARMENIA and AFGHANISTAN were some of main destination of IRAN’s flower export in recent years.