Iranian Potato export

. It's called the "earth apple" by today's Iranians and it’s one of the main food that their use.
 Potato are grown mostly under irrigation around the southern shore of the

Caspian Sea, in the Zagros Mountains, and on the southern lowlands, alternated with wheat, vegetables, sugar beets and fallow in three- or four year rotations.

Iran is the 10th of world ranking of produce and export and also the biggest in Asia, after Russia, India and Bangladesh. Since 1960, production has increased more than 16 times over. In 2007, the country's farmers achieved an all-time record harvest of 5.2 million tonnes , with per hectare yields averaging 24 tonnes. The potato is one of Iran's leading agricultural exports, with shipments in 2014 totaling around 166 000 tonnes.

In the last year Iran exported around 391.8 thousand tonnes with the average price 0.4 $ and total of them cost 156.72 million dollars

Iran exported $736 million worth of foodstuffs . Main exports to Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan and also Iran exporting the other Central Asian countries,, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Syria.

Cost(million dollar)

Export (thousand tonnes)