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Contact Address: No. 56, Pakistan St. , Beheshti St. , Tehran, IRAN
Phone: +98-21-88516875
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Sea transportation
Elite co. as the official shipping representative of Islamic Republic and partnership with superior shipping companies like HANJIN, OOCL, EMIRATES LINE, HYUNDAI, WOSCO, CHINA SHIPPING and etc, provides its services with high flexibility. Our services include all kinds of sea and multimodal transportations. ( FCL-LCL .

Air transportation
Elite co. has the official certificates from State Aviation Organization and world air transportation convention IATA, and by using world international air lines like Qatar, Turkish and etc and also by using IATA official agencies across the world, Elite Aria Company provides quick and secured transportations. We also have a very strong agent at IKA airport. We are able to hand in your ware-house receipt in the quickest time as possible even for special products right after landing.
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Road transportation
Elite co. with offices and representatives in Europe and with its Iranian trucks, provides its road services as Full service and Groupage service from all over Europe and Turkey with fully competitive prices to Iran and vice versa. Our services are established weekly from head offices (Germany, France, and Italy and … to Iran and other countries.

Elite co. with competent agencies across the country has the capability of putting shippers’ cargos under external and internal transit operation. Local agents of Elite co. are present in most important ports, border line points and customs of the country like Bandar Abbbas, Bushehr port, Khoramshahr port, special areas, salafchegan, Tehran, Isfahan and etc.
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Elite Aria Jam company provides excellent services to participants in international trade and business fairs to facilitate the process of transportation and release of fair commodities consist of : - Transportation of commodities from origin to fair’s site (fair’s customs) - Temporary release of commodities in fair’s customs - Specifying packaging and labeling type - Providing required documents - Release of commodities from customs to the designated stall and delivering Them to the participant on site and returning the commodity to customs after Conclusion of the fair - Stages for after return of commodities to customs - Schedule and method of payement


No. 56, Pakistan St. , Beheshti St. , Tehran, IRAN


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