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Contact Tel: +98 9123725900
Office Address: Unit 501, Modiran Building, Nikbakht St, Hakim Nezami St, Isfahan
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Dear Sir / Madam This is Farzad Fallah, Sales Manager of Fardad Sang company in

Dear Sir / Madam
This is Farzad Fallah, Sales Manager of Fardad Sang company in Iran.
Our company has been active in the business of mining and processing stones with high range of products. 
We have rock mines in Mahallat (A city in center of Iran) which includes Abbas Abad mine, Haji Abad mine, Atashkouh mine and Dare Bokharaiee which are famous in the region.
Our products range are from Travertine and marble stones which are processed and based on customers’ need and request.
To expand our business, we are willing to offer you our catalog and quotation and be informed about your requests.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Farzad Fallah
Sales Manager
Fardad stone Co.




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