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Women's leather jacket

HISTORY Novin Leather Company has started its activities to retail products made from natural leather in the area of clothing, bag, shoe and also all kinds of precious and valuable gifts, since 1992. The company selected the name “Novin Leather” as its commercial trademark in 2003 with the purpose of retailing high quality products according to the global standards. And now, having 20 years of useful experiences in understanding Iranian society behavior pattern and using standard materials as well as high quality and lawful leathers in the scope of production, the company offers after-sale services at its central office and also other 26 store branches according to the taste of customers. Using leathers with herbal treatment which are also health and environment friendly, employing famous international designers, knowledgeable and expert staffs of the one hand and also elegant and stylish customers foretells the vernal days for leather industry of Iran.Exporting products to Emirate, Kuwait, Japan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Europe countries such as Germany, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Czech Republic is in working resume of Novin Leather Co.. On the other hand participating in international standing exhibitions such as Bologna Exhibition of Leathers in Italy, I-Cef and I-Mode shows in Turkey are regarded as benefits of the Novin Leather Company.For domestic activities of the company we can mention the opening of stores in capital of the provinces. And the company perspective is also to achieve a national place for its brand and exporting leather products to everywhere across the world.·         A part of Novin Leather Activities are as follows:·         Acquiring ISO 9001 in quality management from “Efnor Co.” of France in 2011,·         Membership in the Board of Directors of Iranian Leather Association in 2011,·         Membership in the Board of Directors of Association of Iranian Shoe Industry Experts in 2011,·         Accompanying economic team of Islamic Republic of Iran Government in 2010 to Bosnia (with Mr. Shamsodin Hosseini; Minister of Finance)·         Starting up Alborz Novin Leather Wrestling Athletic-Cultural Club in 2010·         Winning the plaque of honor and statue of Festival of Industrial Champions of Iran in 2010·         Winning the plaque of honor and statue for being among 100 top brands of Iran in 2009·         Winning the plaque, statue and Medal of Honor at Conference of Top Managers of Iran in 2009·         Sponsoring the 12th & 14th celebration of House of Cinema in 2008 & 2010·         Sponsoring many singers of Iran such as Mr. Reza Yazdani from 2009 to 20122008·         Supporting the 2nd celebration of Cinema House·         Performing the live show of leather clothing and opening a showroo2009·         Winning the plaque, statue and Medal of Honor at Conference of Top Managers of Iran·         Being sponsor of Mr. Reza Yazdani, the rock singer of Iran·         Winning the plaque of honor and statue for being among 100 top brands of Iran 2010·         Being a member of the Board of Directors of Policy Making & Budget Planning Council of Cycling Federation·         Unveiling the most integrated catalogue of leather products in Iran·         Winning the plaque of honor and statue of Festival of Industrial Champions of Iran·         Executing the 2nd ceremony for performing Fashion Show Ceremony at Spinas Hotel·         Sponsoring the 3rd celebration of House of Cinema·         Starting up Alborz Novin Leather Wrestling team and achieving the state 2nd place·         Accompanying the economic team with Mr. Shamsodin Hosseini; Minister of Finance 2011·         Opening a VIP branch for special customers and tourists·         Being a member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Leather Association·         Being a member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Shoe Association·         Reaching the position of Mode & Advertisement leader in Rahnegasht-e Charm book published by secretary of Iranian Association for Coordinating Leather & Skin Industry & Knowledge; Ms. Shirvani (Dr.) and representative of the president; Mr. Hashemi (Engr.) 2012·         Starting up Alborz Novin Leather Wrestling team for attending the Premier League of 2012·         Sponsoring the national conference for appreciating seniors, deans and young entrepreneurs of Shoe & Leather Industry and affiliated Industries  ·         Participating in the Women International Conference and Islamic Alertness   ·         Starting up the central office of Novin Leather for organizational sales and wholesale  QUALITY POLICY PRINCIPLES The Novin Leather retail stores, as the leader of the leather industry and one of the pioneer retailer stores of leather goods is representing the principles of its policy for the performing of ISO9001 as below: 1. Believe on the customer-oriented principles and counting the customers as "the king".Novin leather is providing these important principles by providing high qualified and different products with proper prices and perfect after sales services. 2. Believe on human resource as the main capital of the company and try to keep the value of this resource by using the perfect principles of human resource development 3. Strengthen the organization as a reliable company and does the continuous efforts to reach to the global market. 4. Do the Research and development activities by the goal of innovation and offering new products, perfect services and reduce the operation costs. 5. Determination of continuous improvement through the establishment of comprehensive total quality management by benchmarking of EFQM models. 6. Design and produce goods in compliance with international standards which are indicative of rich culture of Iran. 7. Understanding and promoting the objectives and quality policy principles and development of all employees at all levels of organization and committed to its implementation. 8. Balanced attention to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. 9. The company management by creating a dynamic work environment, in order to maintain the spirit of excellence by colleagues, commits to consider all the above objectives and principles. In order to achieve objectives by the employees, all their strategies and activities will be under the control.


Address: Novin Leather Head office, No.415, Kooshk junction, North Ferdosi street, Tehran, Iran


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