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Kara customs services (2)
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Iranian Customs clearance Iran Market Analysis Iran’s trading partner

Kara customs services company is an Iranian customs clearance broker which represent knowledge base services beside its primary mission.  Market research in Iran and providing any import data and export data from Iranian customs and importers list in any market or any market field research such as qualitative or quantitative questionnaires, interview with executive managers of brand companies in Iran , exploring for rock bottom price of any product in Iran market and report different aspects of blue ocean markets or competitive markets; are some of our abilities.
Kara is a customs clearance broker in Iran and licensed by local customs authority for Iran customs clearance. Our staffs know Iran customs regulations and our executives are known as Iranian customs consultants. we also support your import to Iran according to Iranian customs law and custom rules. we offer our Iran trade consultant beside our tax consultant services
We support all sort of Iran market Analysis and market research . Doing business in Iran is full of profit but any effectiveness in your plans need related research to plan a marketing strategy . Different cultures and Different laws beside market competitiveness in any segmentation in Iran market need proper market research . We can provide any kind of information for you with the least costs in this regard
Customs clearance is the most complex part of importing in Iran, according to Kara abilities we have good chance of trading in Iran. As any International company need such abilities that are available in our company, Kara is your Iran import partner. Doing business in Iran as the biggest blue ocean market in the world with too much opportunities in Iran is always profitable.


Unit 133, Negin Gholhak Tower, Shariati Ave, Tehran, I.R. Iran


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Fandoqi Pistachio For Export
2017-12-12 12:45:06Dried Fruit, Nuts & SpicesProductIran
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enameled bowl and plate for export
2017-12-18 21:22:46Fashion AccessoriesProductIran8 $
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Turkman rug Saloor For Export
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 MODEL F10. Sleeve Cover For 7-10 Inch Tablet
MODEL F10. Sleeve Cover For 7-10 Inch Tablet
2018-08-01 12:32:23Luggage, Bags & CasesProductIran5 $
کیف تبلت بهل مدل BE-F10-01 مناسب برای تبلت های 7-1 ...
persian stone
persian stone
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