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Health product certificate NO : 47/12298 & 47/12299

  Machineries : HIPLAST, Taiwan Raw materials : local polyethylene ( without impurity ) Product capacitance : 5000 kg/24hr         ·         With considering to past eras it’s evident that primitives were seeking different localities to find foodstuffs and up to this time, there were no need to keep and preserve the foodstuffs but settling in permanent shelters made them to find a solution about keeping foodstuffs in their residence and this matter was the first pace to start packing that at the beginning was done by the means of shellfishes, shell of lobsters, pumpkins, animal’s horns and …..   .  By passing times and outward appearance of Industrial Revolution and rush of different products to markets and bazaars, more than ever packing has become the center of attentions with regard to keeping the products, well informing about the products,  relieving and easing transportation of products, and subsequently the packing became under consideration of a serious industry, even nowadays in many cases the packing has more expenses than the total price of ultimate price of product itself and by enhancing attractiveness of product and subsequently tempts customer to purchase the product, multiples the profits the producers receive. ·         SHAFAF SHIMI PLAST Co started its activities in 1996 in manufacturing city of ‘LOOSHAN’ with production of different kinds of ‘Polyethylene films, preform, closure, bottle’ and relying the policies accosting and satisfying customer and also sharp trade, the company achieved to sell its products in 32 main states of Iran and also to 4 conterminous countries around. In accordance to developing policies the company decided to raise  production capacitance; And in order to obtain essential stages and backgrounds ,the company paced through importing the newest European technologies; Developing suitable workspaces is also on the top of company’s agenda. This company raised its production capacitance and subsequently achieved to receive the license production NO.3473/24 in 2000. Now, SHAFAF SHIMI PLAST Co announces its preparation in order to provision of packing food and non-food products with high level quality and a competitive price and invites you to visit product facilities.


3rd Floor, Unit 10, No. 1, Sixth St., Ahmad Qasir (Bokharest) Ave., Tehran


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