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Bag house

Hava system Iran Pulse jet filters are designed in 4 types to filtrate polluted air with dry dust content Industry
Hava System Iran is a Designer and manufacturer of centrifugal fans and dust-collection systems during more than 25 years , Hava System Iran has completed many projects in the field of centrifugal fans and dust collection systems, among these projects we can refer to: 
-EPC project of three sets of Wet-Scrubbers and Centrifugal Fans at Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex
-EPC project of two sets of Bag-Houses and Centrifugal Fans at Mobarakeh Steel Complex- EPC project of 3 chip board and MDF production plants (pneumatic convening bag  filter dust collector)
Hava System Iran provides comprehensive services in the field of fans and dust-collectors- including designing- engineering- manufacturing and commissioning.
 Our mission, in Hava System Iran is to provide our customers with the engineering solutions that best suit their requirements and to provide them with the highest quality.
DESIGNER AND MANUFACTURER OF CENTRIFUGAL FANS AND DUST COLLECTION SYSTEMS Hava System Iran is expert in ventilation and filtration projects and our products are used in a wide range of industries Iron, steel and non-ferrous metals   Hava System Iran is expert in Steel, Iron, and Nonferrous metals industries in both ventilation and filtration fields Fans We provide fans to move large volumes of air or gas, at high pressures and high dust burdens for all the ore preparation and steel making processes and also for Iron and Nonferrous metals production plants: Iron and Steel • electric arc furnace fans • exhaust fans • coke oven fans • cooling fans Non-ferrous metals(Copper-Zink-Aluminum-etc.) • Fans for air floatation cells • Exhaust fans of convertor and smelters • Fans for sculpture dioxide gases exhausting • Fans for alumina refiners and smelters • etc. Our high efficient fans reduce power consumption and also special material constriction able the fans to handle corrosive and abrasive gases or air as well as high temperature air and gases. Dust collectors Hava System Iran provides complete equipment and plants for cooling, deducting and scrubbing exhaust gases in Iron, Steel, Nonferrous metals and Mineral industries which may contain high levels of oil, soot and dust, moisture and acids during loading , fusing and material handling and in other connected plants. We also provide services include technical consulting, project planning, engineering, assembly, commissioning, plant servicing and maintenance     Cement industry   Hava System Iran designs and manufactures Fans, Bag-filters and Bag-houses for cement industries Fans Cement making process requires a wide range of fans. Hava System Iran provides a complete range of fans ranging from impellers with the diameter of 30 centimeter to ID fans with impellers diameter of 5 meter. In case of corrosion and abrasion, we offer fans with special design and heavy duty construction, which are equipped with anti-abrasion blades and special coatings. Dust-collectors We provide Bag-filters and Bag-houses for cement industries, including: - Bag-filters for raw mix grinding mill - Bag-filters for clinker cooler - Bag-filters for cement grinding mill - Bag-filters for classifiers dryers - Bag-filters for silos, conveyors, and packing systems.     MDF, Chipboard and Paper industries   Hava System Iran has designed and made complete sets of fans, bag filters, cyclones and pneumatic conveying systems in many woodworking plants. Fans Hava System Iran designs and manufactures centrifugal fans in 5 different types and each in a complete range of sizes, which are used in woodworking industries. We also provide fans with special design and made of special alloys, suitable for air or gas with abrasive and corrosive particles. Pneumatic conveying systems Pneumatic conveyor systems transport wood chips and shavings from the filter into a silo or storage container. The length of the transport line determines the kind of machinery needed to generate the pressure increase. Dust collectors Hava System Iran provides complete sets of equipment such as cyclones, multi-cyclones and pulse jet filters for dust collection, separation and removal of wood shavings, wood dust and other particles from the exhaust air or gas of combustion processes, cut-to-size machines, sanding machines, etc.     Food industry   Hava System Iran is expert in food industries in both ventilation and filtration fields. Fans Hava System provides different kinds of process fans for heating, hot air recirculation, drying, cooling and ventilation for milk powder plants, starch industry, flour mills, bakeries, cereal and chocolate production, and many other food processes Dust collectors In the food industry, spray towers, drying plants and flush dryers are used in the production of milk powder, baby food, starch, licorice powder and etc. The exhaust air of the drying process is guided via Bag-Filters in order to avoid product loss. Hava System Iran is expert in the field of Bag-filters for food industries.     Chemical, petrochemical and detergent industries   Hava System Iran provides centrifugal fans, filters and scrubbers specially designed for chemical and petrochemical industries. Fans We supply complete range of fans which are used in chemical and petrochemical plants as well as in soap and detergent industries. In chemical plants, we provide fans for boilers and incinerators as well as fans that are used for exhaust, filtration and emissions control systems. These fans are designed to be gas tight and if required can be made of special alloys to resist corrosion and abrasion. In detergent and soap industries, we provide fans for air lift systems (material handling) as well as fans for dust collects of spray-driers, packing systems and etc. Dust collectors Hava System Iran designs and manufactures Pulse-jet filters and Wet-scrubbers, used for separation and de-dusting purposes. We also provide services such as technical consulting, project planning, engineering, assembly, commissioning, plant servicing and maintenance.     Glass and glass wool industry   We have completed many projects in the field of fans and dust collectors, in glass and fiber glass industries. Fans We provide fans and high-pressure fans, such as high pressure combustion fans, cooling fans, tempering fans, that are specially designed for glass industries. Our fans are also used in Fiberglass production plants where large fans pull the glass fibers down onto conveyors and from this point the fiberglass is treated with resin and binders and is baked in large ovens with recirculation fans. Dust collectors Hava System Iran provides dust collectors for batch plants and raw material handling in glass industries.


Unit 1101, 11th Floor, Shahab Commercial Complex, No. 2149, higher than the three-way doctor Beheshti, Vali Asr Ave., Tehran


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