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The TB6500 asphalt recycler trailer will recycle asphalt millings, chunks, RAP i
 Bonyan Sanat company (Araz Machine) has been manufacturing the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment for over 10 years.
The initial product offerings included asphalt recyclers and a hotbox and has grown into over 10 different product offerings to fit the needs and budget of any contractor or municipal.
Our company has remained true to its steadfast commitment to manufacturing the most versatile and reliable equipment on the market. This commitment is just one of the many reasons Bonyan Sanat equipment can be seen in use in over 40 cities of Iran country.
The TB6500 is an asphalt recycling machine capable of producing 8 tons of hotmix asphalt in an hour. The TB6500 asphalt recycler trailer will recycle asphalt millings, chunks, RAP( Reclaimed asphalt pavement )material into plant-grade asphalt and even it capable of producing asphalt as a portable asphalt plant. This device allows contractors the ability to perform year-round repairs with quality hotmix asphalt material.
Now is the perfect time to get your hands on a TB6500 Asphalt Recycler. This machine recycles old asphalt and asphalt millings to produce high-quality HMA (hot mixed asphalt) right at your disposal, no matter the weather or temperature. This asphalt recycler can eliminate your dependence on cold patch asphalt, which is only a temporary fix that can lead to cracks or potholes after a short amount of time. You shouldn’t settle for a less dependable option for a simple fix! Get yourself a TB6500 to have effective, high-quality asphalt whenever you need it.

Trailer Specs:
Dimensions (l x W x H) - 6m x 2m x 2m
Weight - 3 ton
Axels - Dual 2 ton . axels
Asphalt Heating Drum:
Rotation - Hydraulically controlled, approx. 8 RPM
Heating System:
Fuel - Diesel
Fuel Storage -80-gallon fuel tank with filter and manual shut off
Burner :
BTU Output - 700,000 diesel burner 
Loading - Milled asphalt or broken chunk pieces up to 30cm
Unloading - Unload directly into application area or into front end loader bucket

Other features
  _Equipped to bitumen tank with heater , Bitumen spraying automatically and the ability to use all types of standard bitumen available
_Can be used in all weather conditions, especially cold winter conditions
  _Equipped with high power generator
  _Ability to use generator electricity and city electricity
  _Reduce the cost of asphalt production by up to 80%
  _Reduce bitumen and asphalt consumption by up to 85%
_All the equipment used in the devices of this company have European standards.
  _All products of this company have 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service





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