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Dry Substance Amount: 94.5 to 96.5 percents Acidity Amount (PH): 5 +/- 2

   ؟ What is Yeast Yeast is a form of very small, single-celled fungus which scientists refer to as microorganism. Under biological classifications, they belong to the fungus group and are the main factor in transforming fermented sugar to alcohol and other byproducts of the fermentation process. Today, the biochemistry process which causes the fermenting of dough by the yeast is known as Fermentation. There are hundreds forms and species of yeasts. The scientific title of a form of yeast which is also known as the baker’s yeast is saccharomyces cerevisiae. The scientific word “Saccharo” means sugar, and “Myces” means fungus. The name of the species, “cerevisiae”, is a Latin word meaning The Goddess of Cultivation”. Yeast is a necessary component for baking bread. Using yeast in such products leads to the fermentation and development of the dough and brings an ideal baking, texture and flavor to the final bread, confectionary, or cake products.  : Producing Yeast Since yeast can be considered as a single-celled plant, its production may also be considered as a type of cultivation. The raw material for producing the yeast and its nutrition and development can be any type of substance which has sugar. But due to high costs of using sugar-rich substances which are high in energy and also other substances which are directly used by the population, the best and most economical choice is the beetroot and sugarcane molasses which is a waste of the sugar extraction process, and today, beetroot and sugarcane molasses are used as the main raw materials for producing yeast in many countries, including Iran. During the yeast production process, various substances play an important part as micro-nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc and various B Group vitamins, the absence of any of them causes many disorders such as lack of growth, drop of yeast activity, contamination of the production line, etc. Production of yeast happens through a biotechnological process in modern factories in such a way that the product is fed with the sugar substance inside a completely sterile and healthy environment and after the growth stage is completed inside the fermenters, it is transferred to the separators and after passing hot filtering tanks, they enter the dryer and then put in normal or vacuumed packaging, ready for distribution to the market.  : Nab Mayeh One of the products of Razi Yeast and Alcohol Co. is the instant dry yeast which is produced using the latest European technology and the knowledge and expertise of domestic experts. Some of the particulars, methods and consumption amounts of the product include: Technical Specifications of Nab Yeast Dry Substance Amount: 94.5 to 96.5 percents Acidity Amount (PH): 5 +/- 2 Carbohydrate: 35 to 40 percents based on the weight of the dry substance Protein: 45 to 50 percents based on the weight of the dry substance Phosphorus: 2.0 to 2.5 percents based on the weight of the dry substance Ash: 6 +/- 2 based on the weight of the dry substance Benefits of Using Nab Yeast Improves the flavor of the bread Rich in vitamins, especially the B group vitamins Helps absorbing iron and calcium by the body Increases the nutrition values of the bread and provides necessary energy Helps a stable baking and decreases bread waste Increases the shelf life of the bread and helps its storage Various Yeasts High Sugar: for sweet environments (sweet breads) Normal Sugar: for normal environments Various Packaging of Nab Yeast 10 Kg bags 10 Kg boxes, each with two 5 Kg bags Various vacuumed yeasts in 100, 500 and 1000 g packages Various 10, 20, 80 and 100 g sachets Method and Amount for Using Nab Yeast The amount of yeast needed depends on many factors such as the type of flour, volume of the bread, amount of salt and sugar used, environmental and water temperature, environmental and geographical conditions in proportion to the type of bread (traditional, modern, industrial), which is between 0.5 to 1.5 percents. Method of Using Nab Yeast Directly add to the flour.  


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