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Energy Drink : Energy drinks are considered as a source of energy for the body, they have been proved to have more calories than other soft beverages such as fruit juices cola, and isotonic sport drinks. The energy drinks ingredients are: Water , Carbohydrates , Caffeine , Taurine , Glucoronolactone , Vitamins Sport  Drinks : Isotonic (sport) drinks have shown to be helpful for the body to recover its dehydrated water during sport exercises, and also to retrieve the muscles energy. These drinks are ideal to be consumed both before and after training and competition. Their carbohydrates can upgrade the glucagon levels in the muscles, and their sodium contents also help the body maintain its water. Drinking isotonic during training can help the athletes have a longer –than- usual exercises thus having a better performance during the competition. It is worth noting that consumption of sport drinks after the sport exercises can help the body replenish and compensate the lost water and electrolytes. Thus drinking isotonic is strongly advised to be used before, during and after sport training without any doping – related concerns.

Energy250.00kilo calories

Carbohydrate20.00kilo calories

Protein30.00kilo calories





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