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ZAHEDI DATE Zahedi Dates is one the dry varieties of the date in most regions of

ZAHEDI DATE Zahedi Dates is one the dry varieties of the date in most regions of Iran, however, in some regions it is known as a semi-dried date. It is also called as Ghasab in some areas of Iran.The date is produced in Khuzestan, Fars, Booshehr and Kermanshah provinces, but the main production is in a region called Poshtkooh in Bushehr Province.the Date is dry fruit with yellow color ,meaty and so delicious which its moisture is less than other kinds of Date fruits. Zahedi Date is not sweet and because of this is suited for those who don’t like sweet taste.The Date has high Folate content which is beneficial and so necessary for blood circulation and the new medical studies has proven that Dates such as Zahedi Date work as an appetizer and is useful for health mouth and lips and can be used to relieve nervous tensions! ***Produced in Dashtestan located in Boshehr and Khozestan. This is dry and its color is luteous.




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