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Factory:ARIO Date Co,Shariati St,Imam Boulevard, bam, kerman, Iran
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Export Dates From Iran

Kali Date Specification
Varieties: Dried & Semi - Dry
Color: Black – Brown
Description: Small, Oval, Round, Soft texture, Meaty, Fully-cling to the flesh
Dried Lulu Date Moisture: Below 15%
Semi Dry Lulu Date Moisture: Max 20%
Taste: Sweet with suitable sugar
Shelf Life: Room temperature and cellophane & plastic about 12 - 18 Months.
Dried Lulu Date Moisture: Sorted & Cleaned
Semi Dry Lulu Date Moisture: Sorted & Cleaned & Washed & Dried
Bulk: 5kg |10Kg
Consumer Packs: 1 kg | 2 kg | 300 g |600 g
Shipment: Dry container
Place of Origin: Iran
What is Lulu Dates?
Lulu dates one of the most popular types of dates in Iran of dates that are harvested in the southern regions of Iran. This dried date is attractive for many customers due to its beautiful appearance and tasteful customer taste. Lulu dates, like other date varieties, have different medicinal and therapeutic properties that are effective in the treatment of various diseases, including the treatment of anemia. The phosphorus in the opium dates makes lively nerve cells more secure, hence it is used to treat neurological diseases and relax more in traditional medicine.
Where is Lulu Date Growing?
Lulu Dates are one of the tastiest and delicious dried dates in the world that is cultivated in south of Iran.
Lulu Date Moisture
Dried Lulu date moisture is lower than 15 % and Semi Dry Lulu Date moisture is in Max 20%.
Lulu Date Shelf Life
Lulu date is one type of dried Dates so the shelf life is about 18 months under interim fumigation and room temperature.
Lulu Date Temperature Keeping
Lulu Dates don't have special temperature for keeping so you keep them into room temperature.
Lulu Date Color
Lulu Dates color are black- Brown.
Lulu Date Shape
Lulu Dates are small, Oval, Round, Soft texture, Meaty, Fully-cling to the flesh.
Lulu Date Types
Lulu Date is exported in two types of Dried and also semi-dried that has syrup.
Lulu Date Taste
Lulu Date taste is sweet and has a unique delicious and indescribable taste.
Lulu Date Price
Lulu Date Price according to the quality & Sale time is vary from 1 -5  USD per each Kg.
Lulu Date Supplier
Ario Date Co is one of the most prominent and the largest supplier of the Lulu Dates in Iran. The main purpose of the Ario CO is providing and supplying high quality productions, customers satisfaction and consequently a useful and efficient trade in the world.
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