Export Cucumber Russia and Dubai


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Export Cucumber Russia and Dubai

Embed raw cucumbers on the skin, reduce heat and inflammation. Cooling and cleansing properties which are beneficial for the skin. Fresh cucumber juice, heartburn, stomach acid and relieves stomach ulcers and gastritis. Put slices of cucumber on the eyes. It is not only relief but also reduces swelling.
Cucumber juice daily, in the treatment of eczema, arthritis and gout as well. Cucumbers for people with lung disease, stomach and chest suffered useful. Potassium is useful for patients with high blood pressure. Cucumbers contain an enzyme called Arpsyn that helps in the digestion of protein. A mixture of cucumber juice, carrot, lettuce and spinach is effective in hair growth.
Add uric acid in the body due to rheumatic disease that is caused by the use of a mixture of cucumber juice and carrot treat. Cucumbers to deal with periodontal disease are also effective. The fruit curative for kidney disease, bladder, liver and pancreas is. It prevents mineral in the cracks in the nails, hands and feet. Cucumber juice is beneficial for diabetics. Vitamin K in it, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Cucumber skin is a good source of silica that is effective to maintain connective tissue health.


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