Steel bridges and electric and cellular masts


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Design and production of all types of fixed, moveable, overpass, suspension, swi

Design and production of all types of fixed, moveable, overpass, suspension, swing bridges, cellular and communication masts, and pylons.     about us Based on more than 15 years of practical experiences of its founders, Ista Steel Structure Group was found in 1973 in Tehran to establish modern steel structure manufacturing plants and invest in implementing civil or industrial projects.   Along with the investment, management and implementation of tens of residential, ministerial, commercial and mass-building housing projects, the production of steel structure in Group’s Mashhad Project started. In 2005, the Group was granted a license by the Organization of Industries and Mines of Golestan Province to start a plant for the production of steel structures in Gorgan. Over 20 years of bright academic and technical achievements of its managing team, engineers, technicians, and all other personnel of the Group has led to the implementation of tens of projects with best quality in the shortest time period at the lowest possible reasonable cost in the province and other parts of the country.   Commitment to the fundamental “Customer – Centric” principle, reliance on academic and practical knowledge of managing engineers and technical staff, utilization of the latest innovations in technology and equipment in this industry, observance of International standards during each phase of production and assembly, has granted the honor of receiving orders for hundreds of structures and projects in the country. The reputation achieved from the fulfillment of its obligation in all cases, led to co-ownership and implementation of tens of considerable size housing projects and business centers. Obligation, proficiency and specialization, flexibility and commitment to meet the employer / partner needs and requirements, speed and quality of production and execution of the projects at lowest possible cost has led to the opening of new horizons for the Group’s expansion of order sphere and receiving of tens of orders from neighboring country and has made the Group the biggest exported of steel structures to Turkmenistan.


Phase2-aq ghala industrial zone-gorgan-golestan-iran


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