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propolis toothpaste

Herbex toothpaste is considerably formulated to support healthy teeth and gums with high purity supercritical extracts of Satureja Khuzestanica, Clove, Propolis and more.
Herbex toothpaste is significantly designed to help protect your teeth against the build of plaque, tartar and bad breath whilst strengthening and whitening.
It is also ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums or mouth ulcers. Containing the healing benefits of natural herbs for gentle oral care and fresh breath.
Herbex toothpaste is composed of a combination of high quality ingredients to support teeth whilst maximizing effective teeth cleaning.
Due to SaturejaKhuzestanica extract, Herbex toothpaste helps prevent Inflammation, Canker sores, Gingivitis, Gum disease, Tooth decay and plaque. It is an extremely useful oral hygiene product with antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial protection. Clove extracts present in this product, arrests dental disorders and relieving exsiting toothache and gum problems. Also eucalyptus contained in the toothpaste has antiseptic action to kill bacterial and freshen breath.
Antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial
Promotes healthy gum
Discourages plaque and plaque bacteria
Prevents oral mucosa disease
Soothing, antioxidant rich formula
Weight: 120gr


Ostad Nejatollahi Ave., Tehran 1598945713, Iran


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