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IRANOL Hyper Anti Freeze, Anti Boil, Anti Corrosion

IRANOL Hyper is an ethylene glycol type heavy duty engine anti freeze without nitrate, phosphate, silicate and any other mineral compound.

.It is recommended to use in heavy duty engines regardless of fuel type and internal combustion industrial engines which their cooling systems need to anti corrosion and anti rust inhibitors.
.Operational Guidelines:
- To change coolant, drain completely, fill with water and run engine until it is warm; thoroughly drain the system. Repeat until drained water is visibly clear.
- The product should be diluted with water in ratio of 1 part Iranol Hyper to 1 part water (50% by volume in water).
- Do not dilute this product in engine cooling systems.
- Only use good quality water (water should not contain excessive solids, hardness salts, sulfates or chlorides, ASTM D-3306).
When pre-diluted under the guide lines described above, the performance requirements of the following engine coolant specifications should be


.Useful for all weather conditions.
.Protect the cooling system against freezing , corrosion and boil-over Excellent heat transfer properties
.Compatible with cooling system filters
.Compatible with rubber o-ring, water pump seals, hoses or gasket material found in most cooling system.


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