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effective natural hair tonic

Herbex Hair Tonic lotion is greatly formulated with 100% natural therapeutic herbal extracts that is specifically target to stop further hair loss and thinning of hair which are mostly caused by aging. Herbex hair tonic lotion is obtained from finest herbs which are time tested for their efficacy on hair growth since long time ago. It is composed of herbal extracts such as: Urtica dioica, Ginkgo biloba, Phyllanthus emblice, Carthamus tinctorius, Rosemary, Equisetum arvense and 10 more herbs.
Herbex hair tonic lotion delays baldness and controls hair fall. It also improves natural luster. It can be used with males and females .This revolutionary hair tonic contains no chemical agents and is natural solution to prevent further hair loss with no side effect and is 100% safe. It can be applied on color treated hair as well. is a right combination of herbs to protect the hair from harmful UV-rays and prevent other damage. Herbex hair tonic lotion has advantages over similar hair products due to its deviation from artificial fragrances and chemical.
Volume: 70 ml


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