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Tide Fashion Active Appearance All-terrain Driving Control System

Front Grille
Front grille design with fish type mesh profile combines perfectly with the "water element" concept, coupling hardness with softness.
Eagle Eyes, Soothing and Light Guiding Headlights
Lenticular headlight features condensed light and clear division between light and shadow, which can adapt to different road conditions easily. Water elemental light guilding strip is sharp.
Dazzling LED Daytime Running Light
9 LED light sources, forming outstanding quality, LED light source creates high visibility, thus improving daytime running safety.
17-inch Dynamic Aluminum Alloy Sporty Hub
Shape design with simplicity generosity and dynamic beauty; SUV special tire is used, thus expressing static and dynamic feature.
LED Illuminated Pedal
When opening the door, the first thing you see is a blue foot light with character "CHERY", thus flashy expressing the high level of your car, a practical design to avoid scratching.
Flowing and Dazzling LED Taillights
LED light strip design integrates with CHERY brand element, creating an exquisite design.
Power Chrome Sporty Exhaust Pipe
Chrome double exhaust pipe design used in high-end SUVs integrates power, beauty and function.
Dazzling Sporty Dash Board (w/Color Screen)
Provides more than 200 kinds of real-time information, including tire pressure, fatigue driving reminding and over speed alarm, etc. Stereoscopic bicolor crystal pointer with white backlight is adopted.
Smooth Wing-shaped Center Console
Smooth wing-shaped center console expresses fashionable and cool style. The environment friendly inner cabin upgraded the tactile sensation, providing comfortable space.
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Leather multi-function steering wheel is equipped with many control buttons, such as menu key, Bluetooth, constant speed cruise control and volume adjustment, etc. Easy and convenient and driving enjoyment are achieved.
Sunroof is opened by one button. It has two modes: flip-up and fully open, keeping air in the car fresh and creating a comfortable riding experience.
High-quality Materials are Selected The beautiful seats are soft and comfortable, because they are coated with fabric and breathable leather matching geometric patterns. Double Stitching This design is originated from high-grade suit design concept, providing elegant and concise style. Ergonomics The hardness of seat filler, supporting force of seatback, and width and length of cushion are all designed according to ergonomic requirement. The system helps driver to relieve fatigue to the utmost degree.
Seat Heater
Front seat heating for more comfortable user experience in low temperatures days.
High-grade Trim
The great fashion taste is expressed by luxury soft leather interior, high-grade inlaid trim and chrome door handle.
Engine: 2.0L DVVT Engine
Unique Technology DVVT technology, which uses dual independent variable value timing system, improves the performances of power, fuel economy and exhaust emission.  Reliable Performance experiencing a 1,800,000 Km road reliability test and a 100,000 hours bench reliability verification, it has more mature technology and stable performance.  Three High Designs  High flow coefficient, high flow passage and high durability.
Transmission: 7-speed Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
Comfort The vehicle can start off smoothly without jerking and accelerate continuously without gear-shifting shock, thus ensuring driving comfort under various vehicle driving conditions.  Power  7-speed CVT ensures timely response of engine power and small power loss during speed-change process, allowing full play of engine power.  Fuel Economy  Finely tuned and matched powertrain system and low power transmission loss contribute to excellent fuel economy.  Reliability  The newest drive belt is adopted from world-known supplier BOACH Company, ensuring product quality.
Suspension Type
Front Macpherson type independent suspension & dual link type rear independent suspension are used to improve entire-reliability of chassis, and reduce impact from road, providing a comfortable riding experience.
Traffic ability
Super High Ground Clearance: 190 mm, Super High Air Intake: 865mm, Wading Depth: 600 mm.  Minimum ground clearance- 1900mm, air intake height- 865 mm and wading depth-600 mm, making your car to overcome various complex road conditions, and giving you the chance to enjoy smoothness of off-road driving.
Chassis tuning
By performing design optimization and matching for SUV's operating characteristics, the chassis is finely tuned by Germany Bentler Company to realize perfect unity between maneuverability and comfort.
Lasing Welding Process
Adapting high strength steel plate manufactured by German Bentler Company, the laser welding increases the welding strength by 30%. The effective yield strength of front and rear anti-collision beam is up to 1600 Mpa.
Bosch 9.0 Electronic Stability Program
Highly integrates many functions, such as ABS, EBD and TCS, etc., and ensuring driving safety.
Hill Hold Control (HHC)
When starting at a hill, the HHC prevents the vehicle from sliding back within 2 seconds after releasing the brake pedal, allowing the vehicle to start easily at the hill.
Excellent Safety, Five-star Protection
C-NCAP Five-Star Crash Safety Ratings providing meticulous all-dimensional protections to users.
4 Circumferential Airbags Provide all Dimensional Protection
It adopts airbags which is produced by Sweden Autoliv Company, providing maximum protection to driver and passenger.
All-dimensional Eigh-probe Radar
All-dimensional Eigh-probe Radar.
Over-speed alarm
Over speed alarm with variable adjustment range can provide a timely reminder in the form of sound and text messages to avoid overspeed, thus improving driving safety.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
To ensure driving safety, real-time automatic monitoring is adopted when driving.
Constant Speed Cruise Control
Setting range of constant speed cruise control: 40-130km/h. When driving at constant speed, you can fully relax your feet and enjoy driving.
One-button Start System + Keyless Entry System
Valeo keyless entry system and one-button start system bring you a good feel.
Smart Steering Fog Light to Assist Illumination
When turning, the fog lights turn on automatically with the direction of rotation, making the driver's field of vision clear and enhancing traffic safety.
Follow Me Home
User-friendly Follow Me Home function lights the way to your home after you parking your vehicle and preparing to go home at night.
Power Folding Rear View Mirror
Rear view mirror can be folded and unfolded by using the wireless key and inside control switch, thus preventing scratches, using convenient and increasing level.
Brand-new Cloudrive Interconnection Driving System
Brand-new Cloudrive interconnection Driving System is integrated with functions such as rear view camera, video entertainment and Bluetooth communication, etc.
Super 8-inch DVD True Color Touch Screen
This 8-inch DVD true color touch screen, full of technology and fashion, is integrated with multi-media interaction system, providing huge amounts of information.
Storage space
Up to 30 storage spaces are arranged inside, meeting various requirements and keeping your car clean and tidy.
Large Space High Efficiency
Flexible luggage compartment: 4/6 split type rear seat with folding function; 1000 L flexible combination of huge storage space, which is practical and thoughtful for home and travelling.


No 27/1 , West Hemmat Highway , Ashrafiesfehani north to south , Tehran ,


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